RED 194: What You Can Learn From Christian Entrepreneurs (Even If Your Business Is Secular)

RED 194: What You Can Learn From Christian Entrepreneurs (Even If Your Business Is Secular)National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) held its International Christian Media Convention in Nashville this year. I attended for a couple of days, even though there is nothing about what I do in alignment with NRB's mission to “spread the life-changing Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through every electronic medium available.”

I talk about marketing here and I don't care if you're Christian, atheist, or somewhere in between.

Still, I know a good opportunity when it knocks… On this episode of RED Podcast, I talk about what I saw and what I learned at the event.

In This Episode:

  • The most important characteristic of entrepreneurs
  • Why I was in the same room as Ted Cruz
  • What a church can teach you about blogging, podcasting, and online video
  • A lesson on content creation from an old school motivational speaker
  • The reason I personally edit every single episode of RED Podcast (even though there are professional audio editors who could do the job better)
  • Is it a church or a shopping mall?
  • Why it seems like Kirk Cameron is in every Christian movie
  • What it takes to compete in the Christian movie business (or any movie business)
  • There is no excuse for this
  • My connection to VeggieTales
  • Two types of companies at a Christian business convention — which one are you?
  • Why a 21-year-old life coach has a hard time getting business (even though he may be able to help you)
  • The reason evangelical Christians can't stand Donald Trump — remember this when you next promote your business
  • An advantage some atheist entrepreneurs have over Christians and other “religious” entrepreneurs (but only a slight advantage)
  • The problem with putting your content on satellite television networks
  • What Jesus would do…
  • The lie marketers tell about selling books on Amazon
  • Christian? Secular? Either way, this is the most effective form of marketing…
  • A “feel good” marketing technique that will get you nowhere (so stop doing it immediately)

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