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Jul 1, 2016

I don't play Minecraft, but a lot of people do. How many? About 40,000,000 per month.

If you had that many people using your product every month, how much would that be worth? Microsoft thinks about $2,500,000,000, which is what they paid for Minecraft in 2014.

On this episode of RED Podcast, I talk about what you can learn from the top-selling PC video game of all time...

In This Episode:

  • Teenage billionaires
  • Graphics a kid could create (and the business lesson behind them)
  • Great writers who suck at speaking live (and the reasons we don't care) 
  • The problem with slick television preachers and motivational speakers (surprisingly, many entrepreneurs get caught up in this)
  • Why people like disco music
  • How "entertainment" has changed in the last 20 years -- if you don't add this aspect to your business, your business will die
  • The "afterthought" that made Minecraft billions of dollars
  • Where real connection happens...
  • Two reasons broadcast radio sucks 
  • How to avoid getting pushed out by new technology

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