RED 204: Why I Didn’t Get A Prenuptial Agreement – A Business Lesson

RED 204: Why I Didn't Get A Prenuptial Agreement - A Business LessonI was 41 when I got married. Before doing this, I'd always planned on getting a prenuptial agreement. My wife, also an established entrepreneur, felt the same way.

Both of us, although never previously married, had experienced the problems that can happen when you go into a business partnership without solid agreements and things go wrong…

So why did we “roll the dice” with our personal lives and get married without having a prenuptial agreement in place?

On this episode of RED Podcast, I talk about business partnerships and what you need to know before starting a new business, with or without a partner…

In This Episode:

  • How to avoid business disputes
  • The way to avoid arguments with business partners
  • Before you buy any advertising for your business, you must know this…
  • A lady started throwing things…
  • Why market research is bullshit (but you'll still be ok)
  • Your “Plan B” – Is it hurting or helping you?
  • What the guitarist for Prince taught me about business partnerships
  • The bank account for people who want to achieve massive wealth (but have no discipline with money)
  • Why scarcity in your business is good — how you can use it to make more money and get more focused with your marketing
  • What people are really paying you for
  • The reason you're not getting anything done (and how to fix that)
  • 3 “rules” for business success — these are simple, but few people follow them

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