RED 206: Inside An “IRS Phone Scam” – Part 1

RED 206: Inside An "IRS Phone Scam" - Part 1I got the voice mail a couple of days ago. It was a strange, computerized voice telling me I was in trouble for not paying taxes and it was my last shot to get things resolved without going to court (or being arrested).

I knew it was a scam, but I was curious… I called back and here is what happened.

I wanted to know more about how this business operates, so I kept calling different call centers until I found somebody willing to give me the inside scoop. This episode contains a recording of that conversation. It explains the business behind the “IRS Phone Scam” and what you can learn from it to apply to your business.

In This Episode:

  • How electronic payments people make to the call center get converted to cash
  • Who owns the call center?
  • The “Dealer” and how he works
  • Does the “IRS Scam” have a good conversion rate?
  • How call centers involved in this business get leads
  • What the inside of a call center looks like
  • The reason why some people in the call center are working there
  • How much money can you make working in an illegal call center? (HINT: Not much.)
  • What call center workers do when they run out of phone numbers…
  • “Scam Training” — what it looks like
  • Where fake names call center workers come from
  • What US politicians and illegal call centers have in common
  • The easiest way to get people to take action (but not necessarily the best way)

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