RED 233: How To Publish A Book (And Make Money With It)

RED 233 - Book PubllishingKary Oberbrunner is a coach and speaker who helps individuals and organizations clarify their messages and where they should invest their time and energy in order to spread those messages. He also helps people just like you get their books published.

So why did he write and publish a fiction book?

If you're curious about the business of book publishing and how authors and publishers really make money, listen up, because that's exactly what we talk about on this episode…

In This Episode:

  • Why put so much effort into a product people will only pay $20 (or less) for?
  • The fastest-growing book platform (and why you should take advantage of it)
  • Need to sell tickets to a live event? Think about this…
  • Why “passive income” may be the wrong thing to pursue
  • Should you self-publish your next book or go with a traditional publisher?
  • How book publishers can “sabotage” your creative work (and how to work around this)
  • The best way to let people know about your book (or other product)
  • Building a “launch team” for your book
  • How long will your book take?
  • Daily book promotion — one way to do it
  • Getting Amazon reviews on Day One of your book launch
  • Beating Tim Ferriss at his own game
  • Making money on the backend of your book
  • A book-selling trick (stolen from rock musicians)
  • 17 different streams of income from a book? Yes!
  • Hiring voiceover talent to record audio books
  • Three different ways to get your audio book recorded

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