RED 234: Jon Acuff’s Finish

jon acuff finishJon Acuff makes writing (and selling) books easy. How does he do it?

He actually finishes them. Without this part, any work you do on a book (or other project) might as well not exist.

In other words, if you're not going to finish, why even start? Even a project that's “99% complete” is about as helpful as a piece of exercise equipment you've only used once.

In his new book, Finish – Give Yourself The Gift Of Done, Jon Acuff talks about the most important part of the creative process — how to finish.

How can you finish your big project? Listen up…

In This Episode:

  • 3 things you need to build a big following, get respect, and make money in the “expert business”
  • The #1 problem for people like us?
  • What happens after you get a “great” idea…
  • The reason books (and other creative projects) die
  • Why I dropped writing my current book and started writing another book
  • What I found on my old hard drive…
  • A “dirty saying” that isn't dirty at all — it just sounds dirty!
  • The technique I used to finish my last book
  • What you never see from successful entrepreneurs
  • Secrets
  • The original “fake news” — do you believe it?
  • How to get what you want (with ease)
  • The BS gurus talk about on podcast interviews…
  • One-hit wonders (and why they're so common)

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