RED 240: How To Get More Podcast Listeners

RED 240: How To Get More Podcast ListenersLet’s be honest about podcasting. Doing a podcast can be an amazing experience, but when it’s not going well, it can also be a huge drag.

The majority of podcasts get fewer than 200 downloads per episode.

If you have a podcast, I don’t want you to fall into the trap so many podcasts do — I want you to succeed, have fun with your podcast, and reach people. In this episode, I share a story that I hope inspired you to keep moving forward with your podcast, even if it’s not currently where you’d like it to be.

In This Episode:

  • The worst part of podcasting?
  • What bartenders, black jack dealers, and (some) podcasters have in common
  • Why podcasters lose touch with their audiences
  • When podcasting becomes a drag…
  • The real reason people listen to podcasts
  • Meeting your idols
  • Developing a connection with podcast listeners, blog readers, and others who consume your content

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