RED 000: What is RED?

red podcast descriptionThis is RED, a podcast for entrepreneurs by David Hooper and Laurel Staples.

RED will help you:

  • Make More Money
  • Work Less
  • Live a Life of Freedom

About Us:

Although best known for his work in the music business, since 1995, David Hooper has worked behind the scenes to help “creative entrepreneurs” of all types spread their messages, build audiences, and make more money with their ideas. He is known worldwide for his marketing expertise and is the author of seven marketing-related books including Six-Figure Musician, Never Leave Money on The Table, and the classic business mindset guide, The Rich Switch. He writes on the subject of marketing and the skills needed to grow a successful business at 23 Hours.

In 2007, Laurel Staples grew sick of the corporate world and quit her job as mechanical engineer designing color laser printers to launch and develop a series of retail clothing stores specializing in eco-friendly fashion. Since that time, her focus has been on working with other, like-minded entrepreneurs, specifically coaches and consultants. She can be found at at ProCoach.

What We Cover In This Episode:

  • Our philosophy on entrepreneurship
  • What you can expect from RED Podcast
  • Why you should listen to us

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